Healthy Living , Ancient Habits

Have you ever wondered how people in deep jungles of Amazon or natives in Kalahari live free from sickness & illness without access to modern medicine? The answer for this question opened our eyes on the use of plants and herbs by the natives in their daily routine that increases their health and wellness. These plants and herbs, used for centuries, are even available today but the medicinal knowledge and access to herbs is limited to the vast majority of people.
Freedom, regardless of how you define it, everyone value freedom. By adopting small changes in lifestyle, using herbs in daily routine, one can improve their health and wellness and be free from sickness and illness. We, at Satviks Specialty Teas, have identified the finest selection of herbs that are packaged as tisanes or herbal teas that one can easily adopt in daily routine. We also carry green teas and black teas blended with herbs, spices and fruits that enhances the taste with added benefits of health and wellness from herbs and spices.
We look forward for you to enjoy the finest selection of specialty teas and share with you the knowledge of herbs and spices that have been used for thousands of years in improving and maintaining health and wellness.